2015-2016 Season

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Monday September 28

Stevie CameronSpeaker: Stevie Cameron
Topic: Out of the Bleu
Award-winning author Stevie Cameron will discuss how her culinary passion brought her from Cordon Bleu to Blue Trust, one of her three books on the Mulroney years. Cameron is among Canada’s best known investigative journalists, has hosted CBC’s Fifth Estate and authored several other best-selling books.

Monday October 26

Peter McLeodSpeaker: Peter McLeod
Topic: Everyone’s goal: a secure and well-funded retirement. 
Everyone’s situation is unique. The importance of choosing a financial security advisor. The four cornerstones of financial security. How to get to your retirement goal while negotiating life’s ups and downs. Maximizing the tax efficiency of your investments. The importance of starting early. At or close to retirement? What can a financial security advisor do for you to improve your retirement income, or maximize your estate.

Monday November 23

2b7fa69Speaker: Bruno St Hilaire 
Topic: Understanding Nutrition & Food in Today’s World.
This consultant in sports and nutritional medicine who uses a holistic and multifaceted approach to recovery will simplify the huge amount of information that we are constantly bombarded with in our media-focused world: high carb diets, no fat diets, sugar-free diets etc. His presentation will aim to give us the information that we need to deal with many of the health issues in our society: type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, food cravings, lack of energy. Attendees of this special Laurentian Club of Canada event will leave the presentation with the ability to go shopping for food with a high nutrient value that will provide them with a sustained level of energy throughout the day

Monday January 25

Tim WeedSpeaker: Tim Weed
Topic: Tim will introduce his new novel, Will Poole’s Island, which was named one of Bank Street College of Education’s Best Books of the Year, and which Kirkus Reviews called “Immersive . . . a riveting portrayal of early Colonial New England.” Tim will discuss the inspiration behind the novel, the process of researching and writing it, and his interest in bringing accuracy to our understanding of how English and Native cultures collided in 17th century America. After his talk, Tim will read briefly from the book and then participate in a Q & A session.

Monday, February 22

Katie RitchieSpeaker: Katie Ritchie
Topic: The Life of a 911 Operator and Police Dispatcher
Ms. Ritchie will speak about her nine years of experience as a 911 operator and police dispatcher at the Montreal Police Service. She will be speaking about her work and its various characteristics, from the strange challenges to the atypical schedules to some unexpected sources of levity. She looks forward to hearing (and answering) your questions about her “bizarre world at work.”

Monday, March 21

Speaker: Paul William Roberts
Topic: Redating Ancient History
In Mr. Roberts’ own words:
“This talk will principally concern discoveries made by people working outside of academia concerning the antiquity of human civilization. Some people left their university posts after encountering resistance to revised chronologies based upon hard science; others are skilled amateurs – and most great scientific advances were in fact made by so-called amateurs. Academia now behaves like a ‘Church of Truth’, very similar to the medieval church, with dogma, doctrine, even excommunication. I shall concentrate on Ancient Egypt, presenting concrete evidence showing that the earliest period was in fact a legacy from an earlier civilization, possibly dating back as far as 25,000 BC. What we are taught in schools is entirely Euro-centric claptrap, and evidence from computerized star-maps, able to wind back the heavens to correspond to star positions mentioned in Vedic texts, passed down orally, as they still are (illiterate Brahmins are able to recite ten thousand verses from poems with ingenious rhyme schemes making error impossible) provide dates of 35,000 BC. I will discuss the work I did in Egypt with Boston University geologist Dr Robert Schoch, proving the Great Sphinx could not have been carved out later than 10,000 BC. We presented the data at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Conference, and the world’s leading expert on the Sphinx has still been unable to refute it. We also proved that the Great Pyramid could not be built today using the most sophisticated equipment. Many more marvels exist, including a map drawn 200 years before Columbus and showing in great detail the eastern coastal topography of North and South America as well as Antarctica. The US Arial Research people were asked how accurate the Antarctic topography was and replied that it was highly accurate BUT as Antarctica is today one mile beneath the ice! “How anyone could have known this in the 12th century, we can’t help you.” By the way, Antarctica was only ‘discovered’ in the 19thcentury.”

Monday, April 25

Louise BloomSpeaker: Louise Bloom
Topic: Creative Process or “How it happens”: Lewis Carroll’s Alice as my Muse.
In Ms. Bloom’s own words:
“In 2001 I found myself engaged with Lewis Carroll’s text and Sir John Tenneil’s images of Alice as symbol and metaphor for an artist book work that needed a strong and well-worn icon to have its full expression. Alice of ‘Wonderland’ and ‘Through the Looking Glass’ continued to fascinate me, to lead me and to inspire imagination and furnish image for more than 9 years. Her influence supported the production of a corpus of work about which I will speak and elaborate.”
Louise Bloom is a visual artist from Morin Heights, Quebec whose professional career spans 35 years of exhibition, teaching, and mentoring in Canada and abroad. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and her work has been collected by the Bibliothèque Nationales du Québec, Bibliothèque Gabriel Roy, Colart Collection, Montreal, Library of Congress, Washington, DC and private collections.

Monday, May 16th
Laurentian Club of Canada AGM & Luncheon
Brief annual business meeting followed by a 3-course luncheon and a dramatic reading of Colleen Curran’s play Amelia Earhart was not a Spy performed by Theatre Morin Heights.

Special Event
Saturday, June 11, 2016
In partnership with les Diffusions Amal’Gamme, The Raoul Cyr Jazz Ensemble: Feast Your Eyes and Ears.