2014-2015 Season

Join us at Holy Trinity Church Hall, 12 Préfontaine West in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts.
Come along and bring a friend. Feel free to share your ideas for future speakers and/or other suggestions.

Monday September 22nd
Speaker: Aimee Beboso, Philippine Migrants Society of Canada
Topic: The Globalization of Migration
A brief history of the global phenomenon of Filipino migration, including those coming to Canada, the root causes and impacts of migration on workers and those they leave behind, and the experiences of temporary foreign workers in Canada.

Monday October 27th
Speaker: Sarita Elman, Pet Therapist
Topic: Appreciating Animal Therapy
A CBC producer for over three decades, Sarita Elman had a second career providing pet therapy to patients in hospitals and seniors’ residences. A pioneer in the field in Montreal, she will describe the benefits and the social response to the concept in Canada and the US.¸

Monday November 24th
Speaker: Dr. Robert Lamontagne

Topic: The Truth about UFOs
An astrophysicist at Université de Montréal and executive director of the Observatoire du Mont Mégantic, Dr. Lamontagne will explore the history of UFOs and why most professional researchers do not believe that we are visited by extraterrestrial aliens.

Monday January 26th
Speaker: Brad Charlebois

Topic: The history and philosophy of Taekwon-do
4th Degree Black Belt and Canadian Champion Brad Charlebois will talk about the history and philosophy of Taekwon-do.  He will demonstrate techniques with his assistant, Amelia Puddifer, and volunteers from the club may learn some basic movements.

Monday February 23rd
Facilitator: Michelle Sullivan

Topic: Show and Tell for Grown -Ups
Community Storytelling Event

Remember Show & Tell from your primary school days? Well, it’s time to revisit this popular childhood activity, only this time without the gerbils.
All you need to participate is an object, and the 5 minute story that goes with it. The object should be related in some way to your own personal history in the Laurentians, or to the history of the Laurentians in general. Special guinea-pig .. erm … GUEST, Dave Merritt will kick things off for us.

Monday March 23rd
Speaker : Eric Chaurette

Topic : The journey towards Food Sovereignty and your part in it
Our current agricultural and food system is unsustainable and unjust and is contributing to climate change, hunger, and environmental degradation. But resistance is blooming all over the world as people rally behind an idea rapidly gaining ground: food sovereignty. In 2007, Inter Pares staff member Eric Chaurette was part of a Canadian delegation that attended NYELENI – an international meeting on Food Sovereignty, held in Mali, West Africa. The delegation returned to Canada, determined to share the analysis learned in an effort to further build the movement for a more just and sustainable food system. Eric will share some reflections on the concept of Food Sovereignty, and also share the story of how this idea has journeyed in Canada, and is helping to galvanize and organize groups across the country dedicated to change things.

Monday April 27th
Speaker : Tribute to Henry Wohler
Topic : Skiing with a Difference
At the time of his passing, Henry was the founding and current President of the Richard Lemieux Foundation which organized and has operated the Laurentian Adaptive Ski Program for the past 36 years.  His colleagues will pay tribute to him and present how this organization is dedicated to helping persons with disabilities reach beyond their preconceived personal limitations. Henry served as the Chef de Mission for the 2002 Winter Paralympic Games in Salt Lake City and attended the 2006 Paralympic Winter Games in Torino as President of the Canadian Paralympic Committee.

Location: Holy Trinity Church Hall, 12 Préfontaine West, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts
Time: 1:30 p.m.

Cost: Annual membership is $25 per person. Guests: $10 per event.

Questions? thelaurentianclub@gmail.com

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